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PPE, Personal Protective Equipment. Protect yourself during your chore or while you’re hard at work.

We are pleased to offer you our wide range of products to ensure that you are protected from head to toe:

Workman mounting playground


In addition to skull protection, it is also important to prevent permanent hearing damage (tinnitus) and eye damage. In addition, we make sure you can breathe in & out safely, especially when in contact with harmful substances.

Hand protection

Gloves not only provide much-needed protection from harmful products, they also keep your hands warm and dry while working in all weathers. This way, you can fully focus on the job!

Foot Protection

The days when safety shoes were bulky and heavy are thankfully over. We have sporty, beautiful and lightweight models that protect your feet just as well or even better!

Choose composite if you want to hobble around as light as a feather, choose metal if you want a sturdy shoe at an economical price.

Body Protection

Attire. It keeps us warm and safe on cold days and cools us down in the summer.

Choose your ideal combination of T-shirt, polo, sweater, parka and/or bodywarmer. Let us apply your logo to the clothing: this way you and your team will become your best advertisement, let the orders flow in!


View the full collection of protective clothing on our webshop. Can’t find an item, need more information, a free quote or have another question for us? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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