Costume made / Customized

Top-Choice? That’s years of experience and expertise in customization. Even in small numbers we provide customization and we go to great lengths to do so. From specific printing to individual customization for a particular team member, we take care of it.

Made to measure / own design work clothes

Work clothes that fit like a glove? Count on Top-Choice. We provide the appropriate workwear tailored to your employees. These garments can be fully custom designed, feature your company’s branding and be customized for gender, physique and more. This ensures that everyone has well-fitting work clothing that provides optimal protection.

Developing your own line is also perfectly possible. All designs are done in-house by our experienced designer and production is done in Europe. This allows us to switch quickly and flexibly, even for small quantities.

Protective covers

From protective covers for car seats to covers in which parts for wind turbines are transported: Top-Choice produces it. Fast, flexible and perfectly tailored. Need custom made covers to fit your needs? We produce them in our own workshop in the design you want. Water resistant, extremely strong and with or without an extra protective coating.

Spray coveralls

Professional spray coveralls for a variety of industries. From disposable to perfectly washable spray coveralls. From specific spray coveralls for livestock to coveralls for spray and paint jobs. We have a wide range of spray coveralls that can be customized.

Safety Harness Working on Height.

Professional client?

As a professional customer, you will enjoy preferential rates. Request your professional account by filling out the form below.